Mississippi Cannabis Patients Alliance

Non-Profit Launch


To fulfill its mission to be the go-to resource for patients, MCPA would need to quickly establish its Brand, build a strategic stockpile of trustworthy and SEO-savvy content, and activate revenue.


+ SEO Audit
+ Content Strategy
+ Organizational Development Strategy
+ Sponsorship Acquisition Strategy
+ Public Relations Strategy


+ Brand Identity
+ Mission Statement
+ Case For Support
+ Website Design & Development
+ Online Practitioner and Dispensary Directory
+ Optimized YouTube Channel
+ Community Leader Videos
+ Educational Videos
+ Social Media Platform Branding
+ Tradeshow Materials
+ Promotional Materials
+ Press Releases


+ SEO Campaign
+ Email Marketing Campaign
+ Statewide Press Release Distributions


The Brand launch quickly helped MCPA solidify key industry alliances, exceeding 4-month SEO and site visit goals in 2 months, and triggered Sponsorship revenue streams.