Release Date: November 22, 2022

Social Media Expert and Edit Media Founder Alex Shockey Joins The Hive

The Hive, A Branding Agency, announced today that Alexandra (“Alex”) Shockey has joined the Hive as a Brand Strategist and Social Media Expert, effective immediately. Alex brings unique experience in social media and digital expertise to the table, having led long-term strategies and campaigns for Fortune 100 and local brands. No matter the scale of the project, she brings the same creative, insight-driven approach to help people achieve their goals. Her perspective makes the process easy and effective, with more than twelve years leading social media at both brands and agencies.

“I’m eager to join a team of like-minded professionals who use their expertise to help businesses grow,” Alex explained. “I’ve seen business owners’ challenges when trying to enhance their reputation. I’m excited to work with a group of people with proven experience in tackling these challenges and achieving stellar results.”

During her ten-year tenure in Global Media, Global Social Media, and Digital User Experience at FedEx, Alex helped build and maintain FedEx’s image as one of the world’s leading transportation companies. As manager of the Global Social Media and Media Relations teams, she led top-tier media projects, oversaw global social media operations, helped launch new products and services to market, built employee advocacy programs, and helped redefine storytelling within the organization. Alex’s strategic vision and performance led to her spearheading global efforts around the transportation and delivery of the first COVID-19 vaccines, announcing the company’s goal of having carbon-neutral operations by 2040, and developing multiple storytelling campaigns, many of which celebrated the team members who went above and beyond for their customers.

As the founder of Edit Media Consulting, she and her team have helped multiple companies — from global chemical companies to local homebuilders — grow their presence through successful social media and public relations campaigns. Her team specializes in developing and managing scalable social media strategies for businesses of any size.

The Hive Branding Agency is Mississippi’s first and only truly virtual ad and branding agency. The agency officially launched in September 2021 and brings a collection of experts in brand strategy, market disruption, SEO, user experience, public relations, video, social media, and more united for one purpose: to help brands think more strategically so they can spend more intelligently. The team at The Hive launched the agency without actually starting an “ad agency” and without the traditional model of employees, departments, or big office spaces.

Alexandra Shockey Biography

Alexandra (“Alex”) Shockey is the president and founder of Edit Media Consulting, a freelance marketing and communications consulting firm, and the head of marketing and human resources at Chief Engineering PLLC in Memphis, TN.

For ten years, Alex worked in marketing and communications at FedEx, serving as the manager of Global Media and Global Social Media after serving as an advisor in both social media and digital user experience. As a manager, her teams were responsible for global media relationship management and brand storytelling across top-tier media outlets, and social media strategies and governance for marketing and communications teams around the globe.

​Alex holds a Master of Arts in Journalism and Strategic Media from the University of Memphis and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Mississippi. She is also the author of the children’s book This is Ole Miss and loves visiting Oxford with her husband, Casey, and three young sons, John, Graham, and Max. She and her family live in Germantown, TN.