Breyon Bradford

Brand Strategist/SEO

Breyon’s passion is helping companies transform their results by utilizing proven Digital Search Strategies, Omnipresent Branding, and Artificial Intelligence-led marketing technologies. Specialized experience in IBSO (Intent Based Search Optimization), Digital Marketing and Advanced Technologies. Breyon’s core competencies include:
  • Omnipresent Brand Strategies
  • Intent-Based Search
  • Optimization & Digital Marketing Consulting
  • Search Engine Marketing & Strategy
  • Integrated Digital & Voice Search Marketing Strategy
  • Demand Generation & Lead Generation
  • Strategy & Campaigns
  • Digital Lead Management Strategy
  • Mobile & Voice Marketing, Optimization & Advertising
  • Omni-Channel Customer Experience
  • Global Brand Messaging & Content Marketing Strategy
  • Hyper-Local Digital Marketing Programs
  • Geofencing & Location-Based Digital Marketing
  • Digital Reputation Marketing Programs
  • Demographic Targeting and Programmatic Display Strategy
  • Search Retargeting Strategy
  • Cross-platform Advertising
  • Google Actions & Alexa Skills Development
  • Social Search Optimization

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