The Origins and Birth of The Hive

Where did it all begin? Let’s cut to the chase. COVID. That is, COVID combined with the burning desire of a few like-minded brand strategy experts to start an ad agency without actually starting an “ad agency.”

You see, the forced virtual collaboration of the pandemic made us realize something: We simply didn’t need employees, departments, or big office spaces to give our clients market-dominating strategies and consumer-captivating campaigns. It was working better for them. And we wondered if we could make it work way better for way more of them.

So we tried it, assessed it, and tweaked it. Then we tried it some more. And boom, The Hive was born.

Today, it’s not that we don’t meet face-to-face, huddle at real whiteboards, share a few pints, or exchange actual knuckle bumps. (We do all that on the regular.) It’s that without all the overhead of a traditional ad agency, we don’t have to sell our clients a single solution or a solitary service they don’t need just because we need to make payroll or maintain a department.

Our clients seem to think that’s pretty sweet. We think you will, too.

So, welcome to The Hive. If you lead a brand and you’re ready to think more strategically and spend more intelligently, we think you owe it to yourself to hear our approach.

If you’re a collaboration-minded consultant or a top-notch freelance creative and you have a client-base you’d like to grow, we think you might find something of a home with The Hive.

Our Team

Brand Strategist/Designer

As a Brand Strategy and Graphic Design expert for over 20 years, Paul has created award-winning branding campaigns while coaching clients to solve problems creatively, even if they’re not “creative”. Working as an owner and leader in agencies and non-profits has given him the insights and experience to relate to corporate executives and entrepreneurs alike.

Brand Strategist/SEO

Breyon’s passion is helping companies transform their results by utilizing proven Digital Search Strategies, Omnipresent Branding, and Artificial Intelligence-led marketing technologies. Specialized experience in IBSO (Intent Based Search Optimization), Digital Marketing and Advanced Technologies.

Brand Strategist/Social Media

Alex brings unique experience in social media and digital experience to the table, having led long-term strategies and campaigns for Fortune 100 and local brands. No matter the scale of the project, she brings the same creative, insight-driven approach to help people achieve their goals. Her perspective makes the process easy and effective, with more than twelve years leading social media at both brands and agencies.

Brand Strategist/Videographer

Kevin helps businesses and nonprofits capture attention and grow their audiences through his combined talents as a marketing strategist, video producer, and brand storyteller. From Brand Message Videos to Testimonial and Product Videos, Kevin brings an experienced and strategic vision to each script and production.

Sales & Marketing

With a broad background in Sales, Corporate Training, Project Management, and Video Project Management, Michael has the ideal skillsets to identify fresh creative and strategic opportunities for brands of all sizes. His firsthand knowledge of the challenges business owners face is invaluable in solving marketing problems and maximizing resources.

Public Relations Strategy

Adam helps brands find and amplify their voice through public relations campaigns, helping entrepreneurs and businesses develop a public message and find winning strategies to get that message heard. In these efforts, he has made multiple national television appearances, published articles and content on some of the world’s leading business and news platforms, and helped smart brands grow through effective messaging and strategy.

We are an idea-execution Powerhouse

We understand the pressure and daily grind of growing your business and making every dollar count. That’s why we built The Hive as teams of experienced strategists and creative specialists unbound by offices or overhead—so we can assemble faster, hustle harder, think more strategically and execute more efficiently.

We come with deep branding and marketing experience in diverse range of industries with companies of every size. So, while your start up or business is unique, chances are we’ll have helpful insights from your industry right from the start.

Our Services

  • Business Growth Strategy Workshops
  • Virtual Team Building Workshops
  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Website Design and Development
  • Marketing Campaign Development
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Email Campaign
  • Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Copywriting
  • Customer Journey (Experience) Mapping
  • Corporate Video Production
  • Culture/Training Video Production
  • TV Commercial Production
  • Explainer Video Production
  • Product Video Production
  • Product Development & Launch Strategy
  • Product & Service Naming Strategy
  • Brainstorm Training Workshops
  • SEO

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