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We have a saying at The Hive, “We do it brilliantly, or we add an expert who can.” We can say that confidently for two reasons. First, our collective of brand strategists and top-notch creatives have exceptional track records of creating breakthrough strategies and high-return campaigns for companies of all sizes in nearly every industry. Second, we don’t have to hire or white-label experts in the services you need in order to collaborate brilliantly with them. So, we can quickly and nimbly swarm your brand with an aligned team of experts for all the services you need, and none you don’t.

Brand Strategy

Our Brand Strategy services are built to be more in-depth, yet more agile and adaptable than most traditional ad agencies. Why? Because we believe in one simple truth: Your marketing is what you say you are, but your brand is what your customers say you are. And your customers matter most, right? Here’s the point: We focus more on giving you brand strategies that work smarter for your customers, so your marketing works harder for your budget.

Market Disruption Strategy

In 2015, Forbes defined market disruption as “the new normal.” If your brand hasn’t defined a clear path toward innovative disruption, The Hive can help. We lead your team through a quick, yet thorough exploration of the 6 factors that help or hinder your brand’s ability to:

  • Lead existing markets today
  • Become the innovative disruptor in emerging markets tomorrow
  • Unite on a focused, “me-only” vision
  • Develop specific strategies to gain true momentum toward industry dominance

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy

It’s a “search-first” world. No wonder organic search is the largest driver of Web traffic for most business sectors. More than likely, it has increased as a vital source of revenue for leading brands in your market. Hive strategists separate you from your competition with a path to achieving online branding omnipresence through:

  • Keyword & Competitive Intelligence Research
  • Technical On-Page SEO and GMB optimization
  • Quality Content Generation/Authorship
  • Content Syndication/Distribution
  • Authoritative Signal Generation

Brand Strategy

Consumers are exposed to more and more brands everyday through social media, digital marketing, and e-commerce. Making sure your brand sticks out is more important than ever. We’ll get your brand “unstuck” through an insightful and streamlined session that gives you: 

  • Actionable insights and tools to move forward
  • Clarity for “who” your brand is and who it is not
  • Focus on your ideal audience
  • A core brand promise that is irresistible to customers and motivating for employees

Video Marketing Strategy

The amount of online video being watched has exploded. Not surprisingly, more brands are discovering ways to feel more confident about ROI with online video. Are you? The Hive helps you leverage video for awareness, traffic, leads, sales through: 

  • An actionable and prioritized strategy for connected video content at critical touchpoints
  • Concepts for in-budget and cost-effective production 
  • Content that aligns with your SEO objectives 
  • Highly-visible stories that boost familiarity, engagement and click-throughs

Social Media Strategy

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, Social Media has become a crucial component for connecting with more customers. Managing your platforms with you or for you, The Hive works with your team to develop a Social Media Content Strategy that:

  • Communicates your purpose
  • Establishes your authority and credibility
  • Increases exposure and engagement with key audiences
  • Promotes your products through share-savvy content
  • Celebrates your culture and your people
  • Broadens awareness through effective Influencers

Public Relations Strategy

Today, just “doing a press release” is a great way to go unnoticed, or worse yet, get noticed by the wrong people for saying the wrong thing. Now more than ever, relevance is the key to a smart Public Relations Strategy. The Hive gives your brand a comprehensive plan for getting your stories in front of the right people with the right message at the right time through:

  • Development of a media plan
  • Consultation through media interviews and press talking points
  • Media outreach (local, state/regional, and/or national, depending on need and project) 
  • Consultation for product placement in media 
  • Training for corporate spokesperson and in-house media teams

Customer Journey Mapping

80% of customers consider their experience with a company to be as important as its products. The Hive helps you define, develop and deliver a world-class customer experience by:

  • Quickly and clearly gauging the most critical phases of of your customers’ journey
  • Assessing your current performance in those phases
  • Mapping mission-critical touchpoints to leverage or improve
  • Exploring disruptive experiences to create to turn your audience into your messenger

User Experience (UX) Strategy

In our “digitally-driven” society, the business impact of smart User Experience (UX) Design for your website or app cannot be understated. In fact, great UX can increase conversion rates by 400%, willingness to pay by 14.4%, and likelihood to recommend a product by 16.6%. With that in mind, The Hive offers expert UX strategy to help your brand:

  • Define appropriate, measurable KPIs for your UX roadmap
  • Craft unique user experiences through user research and design
  • Establish user-centered processes for testing, measuring, and optimizing experiences
  • Support SEO and increase rankings


We pride ourselves on putting strategy first and execution second. That said, we also pride ourselves on our ability to bring experienced creative talent to the table to concept and produce awareness-building, conversion-driving marketing campaigns and tools—on-time and on-budget. Eye-catching? Yep. Scroll-stopping? You bet. Button-clicking? Check that box.

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